Delegator Stories — Dick-Jan

Oct 27, 2020


Welcome to the final installment of the ‘Delegator Stories’ series! The series provided an opportunity to highlight AEON’s valuable delegators and to reward them for supporting a small, community pool. Over the course of this series, AEON rewarded delegators with a total 2720 ada for participating!

1. What is your name / handle and what country or continent are you from?
My name is Dick-Jan and I live in the northern part in the Netherlands together with my wife.

2. How long have you been following the Cardano project?
For two years I have been following the project, watched a lot of YouTube video’s. (Crypto Crow, Modern Investor) and learned a lot about the project. I have been an investor in Cardano for two years.

3. What interests you the most about Cardano?
The fact that it is not just a coin with one solution. Cardano keeps on developing new projects and world wide solutions in many different areas. I have full confidence in Charles and IOHK, they are taking their time to work things out in a scientific way with many experts worldwide.

4. What project would you love to see built on the platform?
Logistic solutions and DeFi.

5. Why do you delegate to AEON?
To help a smaller delegation group to be successful and to grow in the future.