Delegator Stories — Dunc2k

2 min readSep 27, 2020

Welcome to the first installment of the ‘Delegator Stories’ series. This series helps to highlight one of AEON’s valuable delegators. By participating in the series, the delegator will receive the Pool Cost for the epoch (340 ada) as a way of saying ‘thank you’!

1. What is your name / handle and what country / continent are you from?
@Dunc2k on twitter and telegram from Brisbane, Australia

2. How long have you been following the Cardano project?
I first bought some ADA tokens basically the day they hit Bittrex back in Sep/Oct 2017. I think the only thing I knew about the project before buying was that Charles was ex Ethereum co-founder, and they we’re building “blockchain 3.0”. The dual layer blockchain design (Settlement /Computation) sounded like a cool idea. I’ve been trying to keep up with Cardano ever since.

3. What interests you the most about Cardano?
The main points keeping me interested now days is the focus on being completely open source, focus on interoperability, and just the sheer amount of work that has gone into the overall design and products

4. What project would you love to see built on the platform?
I’m really keen to see blockchain start being used for voting, and it looks like Cardano will be a leader for that real soon. That will go hand-in-hand with a digital ID which has been a long time coming and will be great to see adopted. Also just a simple mobile payment app, but I’d like to see some complimentary tax changes here in Australia where crypto is treated more like a currency than an asset.

5. Why do you delegate to AEON?
The first reason is I want to support a good Australian pool. When I look at maps of the Cardano network, I want to see Australian connections and since I’m too busy (lazy?) to run my own, I had to find someone else. Then I wanted a pool operator that is active, committed and (at lease somewhat) available and @matthijs_aeon checks all those boxes. And lastly, I want to support a smaller pool that is still big enough to be competitive. AEON is where I landed, and I’ve been happy with that choice since day 1 of ITN (back in the PARTY days!). Looking forward to being a long time delegator.