Delegator Stories — HalleCat

Oct 18, 2020


Welcome to the fifth installment of the ‘Delegator Stories’ series. This series helps to highlight one of AEON’s valuable delegators. By participating in the series, the delegator will receive the Pool Cost for the epoch (340 ada) as a way of saying ‘thank you’!

1. What is your name / handle and what country or continent are you from?
My handle is HalleCat and I am based in Melbourne, Australia.

2. How long have you been following the Cardano project?
I bought my first BTC in early 2018 and had a torrid few months after that getting wrecked trading shitcoins before finding Cardano a few months later. Since then I have been following, investing and taking part in the various testnets.

3. What interests you the most about Cardano?
Number 1: the personality, intelligence and openness of of CH was a big draw for me. I’ve never been one for the cult of personality, but I am will to admit that I admire CH.

Number 2: The project’s emphasis on continuous improvement based on scientifically backed ideas and testing, until the project is up the their exacting standards before they release it or love on to the next era.

4. What project would you love to see built on the platform?
It’s not really a project, but if Cardano/Ada could replace fiat in corrupt or dictatorial countries it would blow my mind!

5. Why do you delegate to AEON?
During the ITN I actually delegated to two different Australian pools. Towards the end of the ITN I delegated 100% to AEON due to Matthijs’ demonstrated knowledge and willingness to answer my many questions.