Delegator Stories — Richard

2 min readOct 9, 2020


Welcome to the third installment of the ‘Delegator Stories’ series. This series helps to highlight one of AEON’s valuable delegators. By participating in the series, the delegator will receive the Pool Cost for the epoch (340 ada) as a way of saying ‘thank you’!

1. What is your name / handle and what country / continent are you from?
Richard Heaslip/@richard_heaslip on twitter, from Brisbane, Australia.

2. How long have you been following the Cardano project?
Since June 2020, I have always had some interest in Crypto, but had never really looked into it seriously. That all changed when a friend of mine sent me some information about a Crypto he was following closely (Cardano) and I should have a look into it for myself. That began my trip down the rabbit hole and I am now learning everything I can about the Crypto world.

3. What interests you the most about Cardano?
For me, it is the massive potential Cardano has as a platform. The team behind it are very committed and passionate along with the whole Cardano community. Cardano is not just about making profits, there is a real sense that what Charles and the team are trying to create can benefit many people around the globe, especially those in less fortunate situations then we have here in Australia.

4. What project would you love to see built on the platform?
In regards to projects, I don’t really have the technical knowledge to go into any real detail. However, I did like what I have read and heard about smart contracts. I also like the concept that Cardano may be used to help give a voice via a new voting platform for people in nations who currently are banned from, or have no access to voting or having an actual bank account.

5. Why do you delegate to AEON?
I did look into quite a few other pools, but I wanted to delegate to a pool that wasn’t over subscribed. The fact AEON was an Aussie pool was appealing as well. A friend of mine who was also in the AEON pool recommended AEON so that sealed the deal for me.